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Benchmark Teams, 2004 May

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_015
Scope and Contents

Presentation about safety and teamwork. DAMAGED.

Dates: 2004 May

Roger W, 2004 March 13

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_016
Scope and Contents

Employee talking about machinery and ways to oversee equipment to see if machinery is in proper shape, or are in need of repairs and to make sure the cars are built without defects.

Dates: 2004 March 13

1st shift team of year for 2005, 2005 January 6

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_017
Scope and Contents

Video of a Mexican themed party for employees, celebrating all the hard work that the employees of the plant have been doing.

Dates: 2005 January 6

NAP Smart manf tool standardized work, 2005 November 7

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_018
Scope and Contents

Video of Frank and Bryan talking about consolidating and standardizing employee work space.

Dates: 2005 November 7

Town Hall Frank Ewasyshyn, 2006 March 21

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_019
Scope and Contents

"Teamwork makes the dream work" is the motto to the town hall meeting. The executive vice president of manufacturing for Chrysler is addressing the group. He is talking about the future of Chrysler and how to keep up with her competitors.

Dates: 2006 March 21

Smart Line employees speak 3/31/06 Wayne Wilson, 2006 March 31

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_020
Scope and Contents

Interviews of employees talking about the Smart Line, and their experience rotating through other jobs, as well as having someone on call for assistance while they're working.

Dates: 2006 March 31

Fish good bye, 2007 January 31

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_022
Scope and Contents

Jim Fish addressing members of the UAW 1183 saying that he has been appointed to the International Union, and he will have the opportunity to address the problems of the local UAW at the highest level.

Dates: 2007 January 31

Retirement, 2007 March 1

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_023
Scope and Contents

Joe is talking about the demolition of the plant and separation packages. He is also offering retirement packages with incentive money as well. If employees choose for the separation package then they will also receive incentive money as well and a future pension.

Dates: 2007 March 1

Plant Manager, 2007 June 19

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_024
Scope and Contents

No visual. New products and launches at the Newark Assembly plant are being discussed.

Dates: 2007 June 19

Joe Ozdowy, 2007 August 1

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_025
Scope and Contents

Joe Ozdowy summarizes the 2007 model year. He continues that the objective of the plant should be safety. He also compliments the employees on their moral, especially during this time when they have begun rotating jobs.

Dates: 2007 August 1

Joe and Mac Xmas 07, 2007

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_026
Scope and Contents

Video discussing the possibility of the plant closing in 2009. Joe and Mac are wishing their employees a merry christmas and a happy new year. They are encouraging their employees to remain optimistic about the possibility of the plant closing. Newark Assembly is doing a great job according to Joe and Mac and they believe that corporate can see this too.

Dates: 2007

March of dimes march for babies, 2008 April 9

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_027
Scope and Contents

People giving speeches about the march of dimes march for babies, discussing children with disabilities.

Dates: 2008 April 9

MOA teams of month, 2005 November

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_028
Scope and Contents

Employee meeting giving recognition to outstanding employees and congratulating them on their hard work.

Dates: 2005 November

Plant Mang. Town hall BIW 2nd, 2006 August 2

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_029
Scope and Contents

Meeting discussing new management at the Newark Assembly Plant, also discussing plans for the year, improvements to the plant, making new products etc.

Dates: 2006 August 2

Assembly town hall plant manager, 2006 August 4

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_030
Scope and Contents

Employee meeting at the Newark Assembly Plant discussing new management and policies for the plant as well as having a question and answer session with employees.

Dates: 2006 August 4

Health care UAW/Rodney-square, 2006

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_031
Scope and Contents

Health care ralley made up of UAW members, giving speeches and chanting. Talking about the need for health care for all UAW members.

Dates: 2006

BIW smart before, 2006 March 6

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_032
Scope and Contents

Video fo employees operating machinery and constructing bumpers and other car parts. Switches to a video of a man lecturing employees on how to save for their retirement funds, make investments etc.

Dates: 2006 March 6

BIW town hall Plant Management, 2006 July 6

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_033
Scope and Contents

Question and answer session with Joe Ozdowy to employees, he discussed his previous experience as a plant manager.

Dates: 2006 July 6

TPM Eng Pan Before 12/12, 2006 December 13

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_034
Scope and Contents

An employee meeting. Next the video moves to the plant floor where we see the Durango being built.

Dates: 2006 December 13

Closure Announcement, 2008 October 23

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_035
Scope and Contents

Joe reads an official press release from the Chrysler corporation that informs the employees of the Newark Assembly plant that the plant is closing. Joe is answering questions from the employees after the announcement.

Dates: 2008 October 23

BIW Weld Certification, 2009 January 19

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_036
Scope and Contents

An explanation of the tools used during the build process. This ensures the safety of the product.

Dates: 2009 January 19

Bryan Green point BIW, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_037
Scope and Contents

Celebrating the teams of the month in the Newark Assembly plant. Groups of employees walking around the factory, posing in front of the machinery and taking pictures.

Dates: undated

MOA teams March 06 1-—4 +2e-4a, 2006 March

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_038
Scope and Contents

MOA team of the month meeting celebrating employee achievements, discussing what employees need to keep doing to make the plant successful, keeping up their good work ethic.

Dates: 2006 March

Town hall, 2006 March

 File — Box: 5, Folder: mdv_039
Scope and Contents

Conference discussing the tough competition that Chrysler faces and the need to attract more customers. Discussing centering efforts around enhancing product and customer experience.

Dates: 2006 March