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Shipping--New England--History--19th century

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
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Ship's log for the snow Susana

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0022

Ship's log kept by George Dodds [Dods] aboard the snow Susana documenting the voyage from Newport, Rhode Island, to Havana, Cuba, from December 21, 1799, to March 20, 1800.

Dates: 1799 December 21-1800 March 20

Journal of a voyage from Boston to Calcutta

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0088

Logbook kept by John W. Allen aboard the ship Aubree documenting two voyages out of Boston between July 15, 1833 and February 6, 1835.

Dates: 1833 July 15-1835 February 6

David B. Kempton diary

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0046

These nine volumes are the diary of David B. Kempton of New Bedford, Massachusetts, kept 1868-1874 and 1876-1877. Kempton recorded his observations on the weather, his business dealings, and local social life.

Dates: 1868-1874, 1876-1877

Journal of a voyage from Boston to Rio de Janeiro on board ship Franklin

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0064

Journal kept by Robert Possac Rogers aboard the ship Franklin documenting the voyage from Boston to Rio de Janeiro between October 5, 1842, and November 26, 1842.

Dates: 1842 October 5-November 26, 1847

Journal of a voyage from Boston to Newfoundland

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0071

Ship's log kept by Frederick G. Strong aboard the schooner Lena documenting the shipping voyage from Boston, Massachusetts, to The Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, from November 12, 1865, to June 9, 1866.

Dates: 1865 November 12-1866 June 9