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Formulas, recipes, etc

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 7 Collections and/or Records:

Manuscript recipe book

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0107

This early- to mid-nineteenth-century manuscript book records recipes for food, medicinal cures, and household tips. It belonged to Sarah K. Fotterall who may have lived in the Mid-Atlantic region, possibly Philadelphia.

Dates: approximately 1800-1864

Manuscript and clippings book of food, medicinal, and housekeeping receipts

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0145

This nineteenth-century manuscript recipe book from an unknown creator contains forty-eight pages of handwritten entries and printed clippings of food, medicinal, and housekeeping receipts. The clippings appear to be from different publications, with no discernible organization.

Dates: approximately 1835-1858

Manuscript book of food, medicinal, and domestic receipts from the American South

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0150

This anonymous mid- to late-nineteenth century American manuscript and clippings book includes numerous recipes, many with ties to the cuisine of the American South. It also includes handwritten and pasted-in home remedies, poems, puzzles, and stories.

Dates: approximately 1852-1878

Manuscript recipe and clippings book

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0162

This small, early- to mid-twentieth-century manuscript contains numerous clippings for desserts, household hints, and other topics related to the home, as well as several handwritten recipes.

Dates: circa 1900-1950s

Manuscript recipe book in English and Swedish

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0188

Hannah Borg, a Swedish immigrant to the United States, kept this English and Swedish recipe book from the 1920s to the 1940s.

Dates: circa 1920-1950

John Motion Coats Laboratory notebook of dye recipes

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0171

This manuscript book of textile dye recipes and colorful sample swatches was created by John Motion at the Coats Thread Co. in 1891.

Dates: 1891

Augusta W. Pinkus household recipes

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0189

This manuscript recipe book was created by Augusta W. Pinkus of Long Island, New York, between 1916 and 1923.

Dates: 1916-1923