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Cooking, American--History--19th century

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
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Manuscript recipe book

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0107

This early- to mid-nineteenth-century manuscript book records recipes for food, medicinal cures, and household tips. It belonged to Sarah K. Fotterall who may have lived in the Mid-Atlantic region, possibly Philadelphia.

Dates: approximately 1800-1864

German-American manuscript recipe book

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0146

This nineteenth-century German-American manuscript recipe book is written in both languages and contains a variety of food recipes, particularly desserts, as well as several laid-in items like clippings and additional handwritten recipes.

Dates: approximately 1885-1888

Manuscript book of food, medicinal, and domestic receipts from the American South

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0150

This anonymous mid- to late-nineteenth century American manuscript and clippings book includes numerous recipes, many with ties to the cuisine of the American South. It also includes handwritten and pasted-in home remedies, poems, puzzles, and stories.

Dates: approximately 1852-1878

Manuscript recipes

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0147

Held together by a pin, this small, unbound manuscript contains eight pages of American recipes, mostly desserts, and probably dates from the 1830s.

Dates: approximately 1830s

Recipes for cake, pies, pudding

Identifier: MSS 0097-Item 0102

Although the compiler of this late nineteenth-century manuscript recipe book is unknown, in many instances, names and dates are attributed to the entries. The majority of the recipes in the volume are, as the title suggests, desserts and baked goods such as cakes, puddings, and breads. The remaining entries can be categorized as main dishes or medicinal receipts for treating various illnesses and conditions.

Dates: approximately 1867-1888