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Volume 14: Democratic party political and campaign ephemera II, 1964-1976, undated

 Item — Box: 6

Scope and Contents

This volume contains campaign flyers, brochures, pamphlets, postcards, posters and newsletters related to political campaigns and events in Delaware from 1961 to 1999. The items in this volume are related primarily to Democratic politics and candidates in Delaware, with seven items related to Republican politics or politicians. This volume also contains seven items featuring Republican politicians.

Of particular note, there are several letters to Robert Voshell dated between 1972-1976 from Democratic politicians in Delaware and a 1962 certificate of election from Kent County, naming Voshell a Special Clerk.

Miscellaneous material includes a Democratic National Committee report on “party work” from 1971-1972; a 1972 Democratic National Committee brochure titled “Now is the time for a new politics”; 1972 news clippings listing all Delaware candidates; numerous flyers and campaign material relating to George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign; a 1974 “Vote Democratic” brochure; undated George Wallace presidential campaign material; and several undated Democratic National Committee fundraising mailers.

Candidates for state office

  1. Charles Terry (Governor, 1964)
  2. Sherman Tribbitt (Governor, 1972)
  3. Emily Womach (Governor, 1972)
  4. Dick Wier (Attorney General, 1974)
  5. Richard W. “Dick” Hackett (Insurance Commissioner, 1976)
  6. Ted Sandstrom (Governor)
  7. Gertrude Tharp (State Treasurer)
  8. Harry Smith (Insurance Commissioner)

Candidates for local office

  1. Fred Lord (Kent County Levy Court, 32nd District, 1974)
  2. Don Culver (Kent County Levy Court, At-large member, [1974])
  3. Mary Ann McCabe (Sussex County Recorder of Deeds, 1974)
  4. Bill Murphy (18th Senate)
  5. Ronald Darling ( 35th House)

Candidates for federal office

  1. Harris McDowell, Jr. (United States House of Representatives, 1964)
  2. Jake Zimmerman (United States Senate, 1970)
  3. Norma Handloff (United States House of Representatives, 1972)
  4. Jim Soles (United States House of Representatives, 1974)
  5. Sam Shipley (United States House of Representatives, 1976)
  6. Tom Maloney (United States Senate, 1976)
  7. Joseph McInernery (United States Senate, 1976)
  8. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (United States Senate)

Republican politicians featured in this volume

  1. Undated “Merry Christmas” letter to Robert Voshell from Governor Russell Peterson
  2. Letter to Robert Voshell from Republican Senator William Roth
  3. Letter to Robert Voshell from Republican Congressman Pete du Pont (1976)
  4. 1976 letter to Robert Voshell from Republican Congressional candidate Tom Evans
  5. Stationary from State Representative Charles Hebner (R, 9th House)
  6. Letter from George W. Cripps, Republican candidate for the 18th State Senate district sent to Joanna Semans (1974)
  7. Campaign material for Nancy Stevens (R, Kent County Receiver of Taxes, 1974)


  • Creation: 1964-1976, undated

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